DeMarini vs Easton Reviews & Comparison

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Two of the most reputable brand when it comes to baseball bats is DeMarini vs Easton. These two competing bats are always on the top choices of professional baseball players. The DeMarini bat is for power-hitters and contact-hitters that usually hits between the outfielders and they usually use their speed while doing it.

The Easton on the other hand also receives praises from its users. Like DeMarini bat Easton XL3 prided itself  as the best bat for slowpitch and fastpitch softball. Easton bat improves hitting and it is known for its high end quality.

If you are planning to get a bat for the team, or for a gift for an athlete friend, you should familiarize every aspects and feature of the best bats on the sports market today. Since Easton and DeMarini are the two qualified, high end baseball bats now, I will give you an overview of each bats so that you can decide which bat to choose.

DeMarini Baseball Bats


DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFC BBCOR offers numerous impressive features that have captured the interest of many baseball enthusiasts in different countries. What is good about this CF6 is that it is designed carefully and well-thought of so that each great feature is integrated so that together, they could work perfectly.

  1. Its 2 Piece D-Fusion handle is the first worth-noting feature of this DeMarini CF6, with its improvements in the feel of the bat and equally impressive quality and superior performance. This feature alone surpasses those bats in this class. This gives the handle the right feel, making it easy and comfortable to grip. This handle is also stiffer compared to the others because of its carbon reinforced paradox composite, which makes the energy transfer between the ball and the barrel faster and smoother. Research and testimonials have already supported the claim that this feature of the DeMarini bat improves hitting.
  2. Its patented Thermo Fused taper is also a genius since it improves the sweet spot. When struck, this feature allows the ball to be propelled and restricts feedback on the hands, thus, reducing pressure on the hands. With this, you stay comfortable even with hard hits.
  3. The Paradox Composite, also mentioned earlier, also makes it shape better than that of its competitors.
  4. The weight and fine tuning advantages it has are because of its half and half construction.

Pros of CF6

  • CF6 is designed with balance. It also prides itself with its durability.
  • It is well-made. This product is responsive. It is made to improve hitting.

Cons of CF6

  • One should be able to be familiar with using the bat to use it perfectly.
  • When the ball is hit hard, it generates some noise.



A bat well-designed and well-made. It is an exceptional product that deserves high ratings and great feedback. CF6 is responsive. It does not feel heavy, which makes hitting easier despite the power it releases. This is truly balanced, and responsive. A great innovation to the baseball industry and great new offer to the market. From the baseball’s look, its built, and performance, DeMarini CF6 baseball bat outperforms and outshines the others.


The Easton Bats has maintained its brand of high-quality bats for softball, for use in both slowpitch and fastpitch. It is well-known worldwide for its durability. It is also popular since it has never failed to deliver new, innovative, and pioneering products, as originality is one value Easton XL3 Bats hold dear. The products of Easton Bats are also designed with the athlete in mind. The aim is to create breakthroughs that increases the performance of the players.

Today, the latest and most popular product of Easton is the 2015 MAKO series bats. This article is dedicated to provide you the pros and cons, specifically in relation to playing softpitch softball, of this latest product and some testimonials of the users to better help you create informed decisions in choosing your bat to effectively play softball.


The main factor of Easton that is loved by many players is the quality of the bats. All the bats are of top quality, manufactured at its finest. Each of the materials used in manufacturing the Easton bats are chosen carefully. So whether it is composite, wood, or aluminum, you are assured that it is a premium product, with the quality that you can trust. The Easton line has varieties so players have a lot to choose from. The line ranges from one-piece, two-piece, or even end-loaded and balanced slowpitch softball bats, each of this is measured correctly. These bats are designed with comfort and performance in mind so that hitters are highly satisfied and players will be able to score homeruns with the use of these bats. The bats also offers almost no break in time so that players get comfortable with using the bats right after opening the bat package.

Easton bats are also durable. It is a great investment because players can use it for a long time, with no difference in its performance. A purchase of this bat will never be a disappointment to anyone. Another great thing about this brand is that it is available in any places. It is not easy to find, taking out the hassle and time of looking for a great type of softball bat that you will love. It can also be bought online, so you do not need to go out just to look for one.


There were not much said about the cons of the Easton Bats. The only thing we noticed was the concern of the grip. There we players bruised and had to request for replacement for their bats. So this is probably the next thing Easton Bats should take a look at and improve for their next line.

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