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Fastpitch Softball Gloves

At BaseballMonkey, we understand that selecting the right fastpitch softball glove is a very essential choice as a player, trainer or parent. As a result of this, we do our finest to use as several options as feasible to fit your needs, whether it be as an infielder, outfielder, very first baseman or catcher– we have a significant variety of fastpitch gloves from high quality makers like: Mizuno, Wilson, Worth, Nokona, Louisville Slugger, Wilson as well as All-Star.

There are lots of variables to consider when buying a brand-new softball handwear cover, consisting of: age, level of play as well as position. Your individual choice and also position as a fastpitch softball gamer is going to tax the dimension and internet pattern you choose. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand the building of the fastpitch softball glove before purchasing one, as there are numerous distinctions from baseball gloves.

Due to the 12″ size of a softball, fastpitch softball gloves vary from baseball gloves as a whole size, function and also design. While in baseball, a 12.5″ handwear cover is thought about an outfielder’s style, in softball that size serves for both the infield and also outfield as an utility design. Softball handwear covers also close much deeper and rounder than baseball gloves to fit for the size of the sphere.

So when most baseball gloves will shut from the thumb to the middle finger or third finger, softball gloves often tend to close from thumb to the pinky– permitting a more rounded pocket to ensure the sphere is protected. Additionally, it is much less usual in softball to transform a dual play than it is in baseball, due to the fact that the basepaths are 30ft shorter in softball (60ft) than in baseball (90ft).

For this reason, fastpitch softball players can be less worried about keeping a shallow pocket in the middle infield, unlike baseball players who have a tendency to keep their glove exceptionally shallow for fast shifts when turning-two. Now that you understand the standard construction of a fastpitch softball glove, it is likewise crucial to identify which glove is perfect for your demands depending on the setting( s) you play.

fastpitch softball gloves

Infielder: Although “turning-two” is not as commonplace in softball as baseball, it is still important to have a quick change from fielding the throwing. Fastpitch softball is really high-paced, where speed is nitty-gritty and a deal breaker for several teams.

Unlike baseball, in fastpitch softball you will certainly see left-handed put players that have a tendency to get down the line very promptly, (a) since they are rapid to start with (b) due to the fact that they are a couple actions closer to 1st by setting up in the left batter’s box as well as (c) because they are obtaining a “running start” so-to-speak.

Due to this included slapping aspect, as an infielder it’s very important to get the ball out of your glove as well as on its way to initially as soon as possible. As a middle-infielder, you will want a glove that is a little on the shorter-side, 11.5″ -11.75″ with a web that is open like an I-web or double message. Those internet kinds along with a brief glove, permit the glove to remain a little shallower for a quick shift. If you are a third baseman, you can escape 11.5″ -12″, but will most likely want a handwear cover that is more closed.

When at the hot corner, you are only 50-60ft away from the plate– so a strong glove is mosting likely to be key to grab any hard-hit line drives or ground balls. Being so near the batter, your change does not need to be quite as quick. The primary focus ought to be to see to it you scoop up the round or a minimum of knock it down.

Pitcher: In softball, a pitcher’s glove is much less position-specific than baseball. As a bottle, you will normally utilize a handwear cover anywhere from 11.5″ -12.5″– any type of glove within that variety is acceptable. Nonetheless, the one thing to set the setting of bottle in addition to the rest of the fielders is the internet pattern. While various other fielders may make use of whichever pattern she picks, as a bottle, you need to make sure the internet is closed when choosing a pitch.

If you use an I-web, as an example, the spaces in the internet will permit various other gamers to see the joints as well as potentially identify which sort of pitch you are choosing. Consequently, you ought to possibly stick to basket, closed and also modified trapeze internet, to avoid and suggestions as to what you are throwing.

Outfielder: Being the last line of protection, the outfield requires to ensure the sphere is captured or quit no matter what. For this reason, you will certainly intend to make use of a glove that is a little longer, with even more reach and deep pocket to guarantee the ball remains in the glove. Fastpitch softball outfielder’s handwear covers will run in the array from 12.5″ -13″– some might also get a little severe as well as opt for 13+”, but that may be too much for some.

The terrific aspect of fastpitch softball gloves from the start, is that they already often tend to shut a little wider as well as rounder, which is specifically the sort of pocket you will need as an outfielder. Some of the favored internet patterns are: basket, customized trapeze, twin blog post as well as trapeze.

Basket webs are a lot more typical in the outfield in softball than baseball since they supply that deep pocket and are solid enough to handle the large surface area the softball has inside the glove– which is fantastic when having to make a diving or snowcone catch.

First Baseman: The style and build of a fastpitch initial base glove will be similar to that of a baseball very first base mitt, but still with some differences. The general size of a fastpitch initial base mitt runs the very same to a baseball first base glove at 12″ -13″ long. Nonetheless, a fastpitch first baseman’s glove will certainly have a little much less cushioning around the handwear cover and also a deeper pocket to accommodate the dimension of the softball.

Catcher: Although there are smaller sized distinctions in between a baseball initial base mitt and a softball first base glove, the exact same can not be claimed for fastpitch softball catcher’s gloves. Softball catcher’s gloves are still gauged in circumference, as they remain in baseball, however they run a little larger.

A regular catcher’s mitt for softball will run from 32.5″ -34″ (some even 34.5″ or 35″) in contrast to the 31″ -33″ range for baseball. Fastpitch catcher’s gloves will certainly likewise (like initial base mitts) have less extra padding around the outside to fit for the dimension of the sphere can be found in.

Utility: Unlike baseball, fastpitch softball has utility size and style softball gloves. These fastpitch softball utility handwear covers can be made use of at nearly any placement on the area, typically with the exception of initial base as well as catcher. Softball utility gloves will normally run from 12″ -12.5″ and also have a either closed, basket or modified trapeze webs.

Fastpitch softball tends to have more gamers that play twin positions– pitcher and appropriate field, shortstop as well as facility field, 3rd base and second base. Consequently, rather than acquiring numerous gloves for numerous settings, because all fielder’s gloves are created in a similar style to make up for the dimension of the sphere, energy design gloves are a fantastic option.

At BaseballMonkey, we do our ideal to provide the most alternatives at the best prices for all of your softball fielding requirements. Whether you remain in the field or behind the recipe, get your fastpitch handwear cover at BaseballMonkey.com ™ today so you can control the area tomorrow.

The Best Fastpitch Gloves Compared

Listed below are bestselling Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series, Coffee/Silver Catchers Mitt, 34", Left Hand Throw
  • Designed for the fast pitch player
  • Java leather: pre-oiled tumbled leather that is game ready and long lasting
  • HiLo lacing: alternating lace pattern retains the integrity of a fully-laced web with greater flexibility
  • Right hand Throw= worn on left hand, left hand Throw= worn on right hand
  • Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove

Mizuno is a Japanese firm that’s been working since 1906. This Catcher’s Mitt is an ideal equilibrium in between toughness, top quality and also price. This glove fits a female professional athlete’s hand completely, perhaps a bit as well tight for some players with slightly bigger hands.

The deep pocket makes catching a softball a breeze. Java Natural leather is softer as well as more comfy than many various other natural leathers (and also a little much less durable), so you don’t have to invest much time damaging this glove in. This handwear cover is a terrific beginner’s option, and if correctly kept it will last for quite a while.


  • 34 Inch pattern and Double Article Internet
  • Java Natural Leather– Pre-oiled, durable tumbled natural leather
  • The pocket is under the index finger
  • Closed back with flexible strap
  • Parashock Hand Pad helps in reducing the sting
  • Expert HiLo lacing

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Handwear Cover

Rawlings Heart of The Hide R2G Baseball Glove, Black/Camel, 33 inch, One-Piece Solid Web, Right Hand Throw
  • DESIGNED FOR CATCHERS, this Heart of the Hide R2G 33 inch one-piece solid web catcher's glove has a narrow fit and was made to maximize protection, durability, & comfort while behind the plate
  • STRONG AND DURABLE due to the Pro Grade leather laces and padded thumb sleeve
  • COMFORTABLE FEEL thanks to the deer tanned cowhide palm lining and soft full-grain finger back linings

Rawlings Heart Of The Hide series is one of the most effective worldwide, and this glove produced grown-up female specialists. They used the top quality, the majority of durable natural leather and also even if this handwear cover comes 80% broken-in from the manufacturing facility, it’s one tough handwear cover to fully burglary.

The fit is fantastic, as well as the glove closes extremely quickly due to the Rawlings’ copyrighted Dual Core Technology. This glove is extremely relatively priced, as well as is produced the very best professional players (or highly determined novices).


  • 33 Inch Size Glove
  • Extremely long lasting leather
  • Heart of the Hide Soft Leather
  • No-slip Back Strap
  • Great Cushioning
  • Expert H-Web

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Handwear Cover Collection

Wilson A2000 FP12 SuperSkin 12" Infield Fastpitch Glove - Right Hand Throw
  • Wilson A2000 FP12 SuperSkin 12" Infield Fastpitch Glove
  • Infield/Pitcher model; dual post web; fast pitch-specific WTA20RF19FP12SS
  • Comfort Velcro wrist closure for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Honeycomb cell padding creates no sting catch zone
  • White SuperSkin, twice as strong as regular leather, but half the weight

Wilson’s most recent A2000 Superskin Fastpitch Softball glove is made for serious women professional athletes, as well as it utilizes the exact same pro-stock + SuperSkin modern technology. This more recent generation handwear cover includes all kind of features, such as the Honeycomb padding that lowers really felt sting and also the Wilson’s Custom-made Fit System.

The Comfort Velcro Wrist closure makes a comeback, as well as will make certain this glove won’t slip off your hand. If properly kept, this is just one of one of the most tough and resilient gloves on the market.Professional infielders as well as bottles speak highly of their Wilson A2000 handwear covers, and for good reason.


  • 12 Inch Dimension Handwear Cover, Rugged Dual Blog Post Web
  • Flexible Non-Slip Pull Band
  • Wilson’s Custom-made Fit System makes sure the glove fits
  • Pro-Stock leather and SuperSkin combination give a sturdy glove
  • Honeycomb extra padding considerably decreases the sting

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series
  • DESIGNED FOR PITCHERS, INFIELD, AND OUTFIELD PLAYERS, this Liberty Advanced 12. 5 inch fastpitch softball glove is perfect for a utility player who needs a glove that will break-in quickly and form a long-lasting pocket
  • QUALITY FULL-GRAIN LEATHER adds durability and a comfortable feel
  • PULL-STRAP CLOSURES allow each player to find the perfect fit to their hand
  • Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove, Left Hand Throw = Right Hand Glove

Rawlings’ Libery Advanced series has perfectly-balanced gloves specifically tailored for female professional athlete’s hands. The single article, dual bar internet is durable, very easy to see through and mugs the sphere nicely. This glove is constructed out of full-grain oil dealt with leather, and comes 80% broken-in out of package; it’s relatively easy to break-in and will certainly last you a long time with proper care as well as upkeep. To safeguard the palm as well as the index finger and decrease the sting felt, this glove has Poron XRD pads. This is the very best alternative for gamers on a budget plan.


  • 13 Inch pattern, Single Blog post, Double Bar internet
  • Flexible, no-slip pull band
  • Full-grain oil treated natural leather
  • 80% broken-in from the factory
  • Poron XRD defense

Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Fielding Handwear Cover X2

NOKONA X2 Buckaroo Elite Fastpitch Closed Web Chocolate Right Handers Glove
  • X2 BUCKAROO: Nokona’s elite performance, ready-for-play, position-specific series, designed with specific fastpitch patterns. This glove is perfect for positions all over the field including second, third, short stop, the outfield and pitcher. Built for elite fastpitch players who are looking for the perfect combination of top quality and highest performance.
  • MINIMAL BREAK IN NEEDED: The X2 Buckaroo is made with Nokona’s proprietary top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers, so that minimal break-in is needed, but the glove has great structure and maintains its shape. It gives you all the performance of the glove you want so you can get on the field with your favorite glove in no time.
  • LONG LASTING COMFORT AND WEAR: This glove is sure to become an instant favorite between its quality and performance. But you’ll also love wearing it. The leather is designed to fit your hand comfortably during your games and practices. Because you’ll love it so much, it’s built to last you throughout the seasons.
  • AMERICAN BALLGLOVES: Nokona is focused on the future, applying many of the same principles that have guided our past – quality, craftsmanship, innovation, integrity, and a commitment to our employees, suppliers, customers, and our country. We continue to put classic American workmanship into every glove, using techniques developed over the past 80+ years.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Nokona X2 Buckaroo X2-V1250 Fastpitch Closed Web Baseball Glove, For Right Handed Throwers. 12.50” pattern. Closed Web. Closed Back. Stampede and Kangaroo Leather. Shearling Cuff. Weight ~720g. Made in the USA.

Nokona is an all-American firm that makes all-American handwear covers, and also the Nokona X2 Buckaroo is just one of the very best hand-made handwear cover you can obtain. Most gamers describe them as the “Cadillac of gloves”, because of their premium quality, toughness as well as the fact they’re 100% USA made softball handwear covers.

The two-piece crossbreed leather style uses the softer kangaroo leather with the harder, tougher steerhide natural leather, giving a really limited fit as well as game-ready feel right out of package. This is a major handwear cover created major gamers that intend to tip their video game up. This superb handwear cover can be used in any position on the area.


  • 12.5 Inch size as well as totally closed internet
  • Velcro band
  • Game-Ready Feeling, extremely simple to break-in
  • Crossbreed Leather Style utilizing both kangaroo and also steer natural leather
  • Very durable
  • Cushioning system for included security

Just how to Pick the Right Softball Glove

When purchasing a handwear cover there are a few factors you must take into account, including size, website design, and also design. One of one of the most vital things to think about is choosing an ideal handwear cover for the setting you will certainly be playing. Whether you’re an A-level or a newbie, it is necessary that you choose the mitt finest matched for the type of gamer you are.


Outfield handwear covers are larger gloves, produced diving catches as well as capturing fly balls. These handwear covers are normally longer as well as deeper with additional support in the fingers. The pockets for fastpitch softball can be shut internet since they need to be extra deep as a result of the size of the softball. The normal size of an outfielder’s softball glove is 9 to 15 inches.


A catcher’s mitt is the biggest on the field because catcher requires to be able to manage and also hold onto broadband throwing. It also has the deepest pocket as well as it does not have actually individually reduced fingers like handwear covers for various other placements. Catcher’s gloves are determined differently: they are gauged around the area of the handwear cover to catch the entire capturing area of the mitt. The standard dimension variety is 29.5 to 35 inches for softball.


A first baseman’s glove is similar to the catcher’s glove, just longer. It is likewise not as heavily padded around the fingers and also the thumb of the glove is not cushioned at all. The pocket of these gloves are a bit shallower to permit much faster ball-to-hand transfer. Very first basemen ought to maintain gloves to around 1 inch past the fingertips to keep a higher quantity of control. The normal dimension variety for softball is from 11.5 to 13 inches.


Infielders require handwear covers created for consistent action. These handwear covers are much shorter as well as have a shallower pocket than others. They are developed for players that play shortstop, keystone or third base. Sizing is mostly the individual preference. Many middle infielders are additionally a “utility” gamers, which indicates they will play several or all placements, so they will opt for the bigger handwear cover to help them in the outfield.


Bottles don’t generally require specialized handwear covers. The most important thing for the bottle is convenience and also the ability to hide the sphere. Many bottles choose closed webbing over open to avoid the batter from seeing the round as well as not to distribute the pitch before they start their motion.


Batting gloves are a various kind of gloves for softball. They are made to shield player’s hand while turning the bat. Every square inch of these handwear covers is particularly designed to provide you the best grasp, comfort and also efficiency as well as to avoid stings and also blisters from striking.

How to Look after Your Softball Handwear cover

When you buy a new softball handwear cover it is necessary to break it in properly. The very best means to barge in a glove is to use specially created glove oil. It maintains the natural leather “active” softens it up, while minimizing weight gain. Use a very percentage of glove oil to a sponge or fabric, then apply the oil to the areas of the glove that are currently company.

Function the oil right into the leather uniformly. The basic policy is to care for the natural leather of the glove, like you would look after your own skin. Exposure to extreme climate condition, severe temperatures or too much moisture calls for additional treatment.
There are few vital points to keep in mind considering the softball glove treatment:

  • You must never ever place excessive oil/glove conditioner on the leather, as it will certainly harm it as well as reduce its life.
  • Leave the glove in cozy temperature level for 24 hr to allow oil to soak up.
  • To ensure that your handwear cover is ready for the game you require to experiment it everyday.
  • When you end up the period, use oil really gently to stay clear of the handwear cover becoming fragile.
  • Store your handwear cover with a ball in the pocket to maintain its form.
  • Never attempt to soften your handwear cover by warming it up in an oven or a microwave, it will certainly damage the natural leather fibers.
  • Do not utilize linseed oil or silicon based spray, these will shut the pores as well as cause the handwear cover to set and completely dry.
  • Do not use handwear cover oil straight to the natural leather, it is as well concentrated.
  • Water will create natural leather to dry as well as crack.
  • The greater the high quality of the natural leather the more challenging it is to break in.
  • There is no faster way to breaking in a glove, playing catch is still the best method.


The most important thing to take into account when buying gloves is what you really want, they all offer a different set of skills and options and each one of them is made to fit a special position. Do not forget to choose the one that better works for you and you’ll be happy with your choice.

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