📚 The Softball Positions and Functions One Needs to Know

The softball positions and functions

Softball is a team game which includes a number of players that will take turn to bat and make runs to obtain a score. Specifically, this sport requires at least nine (9) players who will function as a pitcher, a catcher, three players as basemen, a shortstop and three outfielders. These players will need to strategize on how they can outsmart the other team to be able to win the game. It is always important that these players work as a team, just like any other team games to reach their common goal of winning.

This article discusses the different softball positions for softball players to know. The roles which these softball positions require are also discussed clearly and concisely for one to fully understand the tasks that are expected for him to perform. (softball on wiki)

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1. Batter

The team will need to choose one batter at a time. This player will be sent to the field to compete with the entire opposing team. The main goal of the batter is to hit the ball and get to all the bases before the ball does to be able to make a home run and give the team a score. It is very important that all members are knowledgeable and properly trained to bat the ball since all members of the team will take turns to be the batter. It is also important that the batter will take all the necessary precautions before going to the plate and hitting the ball to avoid unnecessary accidents in the field. These precautions include the basic reminders such as using a batting helmet, making the proper ways in hitting the ball and the appropriate ways in handling the bat.

2. Pitcher

The pitcher is the one who pitches or throws the ball to the batter from the pitcher’s mound. This player should stand on the pitcher’s rubber which is a rectangular area on the mound when making a pitch. The rubber and the mound are located on level ground and the pitcher is expected to stand on it on both feet. It is very important to know that once the ball has already been hit by the batter, the pitcher should ensure that his two feet are no longer in the rubber.

Most pitchers usually throw the ball under the arm and it should pass through the strike zone which is an imaginary area starting from the chest to the knee of the pitcher. This is the reason why height and upper agility and strength is very important in choosing the team’s pitcher.

3. Catcher

The catcher is the player who is positioned in a crouch just behind the home plate. This is one of the most crucial roles in the team as it is tasked to help in gaining score. The catcher also helps in throwing balls ahead of the batter before he can reach the bases and catches the balls fielded from the third base. The catcher is expected to call the pitches and communicate to the team the number of outs, strikes and other important details in the game.

4. First Base

The first baseman of the team should stand at the first base, to the right side of the pitcher. The main role of the first base is to catch throws at the first base to prevent the batter from reaching it and scoring. This is a very vital position to be able to set the momentum of the team in preventing the opposing team in scoring.

5. Second Baseman

As the name implies, the second baseman is found in the second base and is positioned ( softball positions ) opposite to the home base across the playing field. The second baseman is also known as the second bagger and should not stand at the exact right angle of the second base but should be more towards the first base. This player is expected to catch the ball in the second base but is also expected to help the first baseman and throw the balls to the pitcher to eliminate the opponent. Most second base players are right-handed.

6. Shortstop

This player stands between the second and third bases and is expected to take care of those balls that end up within that specific area. This is also a very crucial role since in reality, most of the balls end up there. Just like any other positions in the team, the shortstop is also required to help in catching and fielding. The shortstop position is considered to be the most difficult position in the team. This is the reason why it requires versatile and agile players to be able to play the role exactly.

7. Third Basemen

The last base is intended for the third baseman to take care of. The area which the third baseman is assigned includes the corner diagonally opposite to the first base. This player is expected to catch the balls hit by the batter which has landed around or within the area. In addition, they must throw the ball to the catcher before the opponent reaches the home plate.

8. Outfielders

These outfielders are called the right fielder, center fielder and left fielder. They are positioned outside the scope of the four bases or the infield square. The right fielder should stand closest to the first base. They are tasked to catch and throw balls that are no longer within the infield area and to back their teammates up at the bases. One of the most needed ability of outfielders is being strong throwers considering the fact that they positioned at a distant.


Softball is a game that requires all the needed knowledge and practice to master. It may seem so easy to play but there are a lot of things that one needs to consider such as the roles, the functions and the abilities to be able to fulfill one’s duties in the team. The good news is, everything is already covered in this article. So, it is about time that one start doing everything presented here. Enjoy winning!

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