One Piece and Two-Piece Slowpitch Softball Bat Comparison

Do you have a hard time deciding whether to choose a one piece or two-piece slowpitch softball bat? You are not alone. Most people have a difficult time distinguishing the characteristics among the two let alone making up their minds which one will be best for them! That’s why we are here for! This is a comparison between […]

Fastpitch vs. Slowpitch Softball: How to Tell the Difference

Everyone loves softball. There are actually many regular slowpitch and fastpitch softball players, but there are also people who cannot tell the difference among the two games. Although they are both softball games and a variation of baseball, they are still several differences in the way the game is played. Both games share a few similar rules, […]

Difference Between Balanced Vs End-loaded Softball Bats

The right length-to-weight ratio is extremely important when choosing a baseball bat or softball bat. When it comes to the length-to-weight ratio, you might hear the words Balanced and End Loaded. So, what do those terms mean? When choosing the softball bats, you will face trouble selecting between end loaded and balanced bats. Therefore, we are representing a brief […]